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Fruits are important sources of vitamins and carbohydrates like fiber and sugar

Fruits are important sources of vitamins and carbohydrates like fiber and sugar. They are low in calories and naturally sweet. Fruits and their juices are good sources of water, too.

Different fruits contain different vitamins, so it is important to eat a variety of fruits. Mangoes, papayas, melons and citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruit, are high in vitamin C. Cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, and nectarines are sources of vitamin A.

Whole fruits like apples and grapes contain more fiber than fruit juices and sauces, like applesauce and grape juice. Dried fruits like figs, prunes and raisins are good sources of fiber, too. Canned fruits packed in syrup have a lot of added sugar. They are higher in calories than fresh fruits. When you shop for canned fruits, look for fruit that is packed in juice instead of syrup.

AL DALLAH deals with almost all the variety of fruits. We have daily fresh stocks of all fruits depending on the seasonal availability.



Vegetables are the staple of our life

Vegetables are the staple of our life, no matter which cuisine we prefer. They are nutritionally dense and provide many a health and dietary benefit. But, it is not for well-being alone though that we seek out these wonderful buds, tubers, leaves and shoots. We are seduced by the treasury of fragrance, flavour and appearance of these essentials for life, which Fresh Fruits supplies at premium quality. AL DALLAH imports the best quality vegetables from around the world.

AL DALLAH also partners with local farms for acquiring the best produce locally.

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