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Fruits & Vegetables Division

  • Importing of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Exporting of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Supplies To Star Hotel Chains, Cafes, Restaurants, Catering Companies and Marine Services (Ship Chandlers)
  • Wholesale of Ffv Through Our Stores
  • Retail of Ffv Through Our Stores

Non Food Division

  • Supply Of Disposable Items, Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Materials, Disposable Plastic Products

Transport, Logistics & Rental Division

  • Rental of Reefer/Chiller Trucks of Varied Sizes
  • Rental of Reefer/Chiller Containers – 20 and 40 Feet
  • Rental of Storage Containers (20 and 40 Feet)
  • Rental of Heavy Industrial Generators
  • Rental of Trailers (Flat Bed and Low Bed)
  • Rental of Cranes (20 T and 50 T)

Focus on customer relation through quality & service

We constantly strive to provide the best products and service at all times.